Horses that Can Benefit from Sports Massage and Body Work

Competitive: Pre and post massage improves power and performance by increasing stamina and range of motion while it also reduces the amount of time required to recover between workouts. Massage maximizes the necessary supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, and it reduces injuries by reducing minor muscular tension before it becomes a serious problem. Body work after an event can help to relax stressed muscles and return them to their original length.

Injured: Helps to minimize the healing time required for soft tissue injuries as well as maintaining activity in under-worked muscles. Arthritis, joint problems, torn or over extended muscles and ligaments, injury and surgery are some common ailments that can benefit from increased flexibility and reduced physical and mental stress.

Aging: Increases activity in the circulatory system thereby relieving discomfort commonly experienced which alleviates discomfort and stiffness

High-strung or “Hot”: Touch, palpation and slow stretching can result in a more relaxed, calm and focused equine. 

Broodmares after foaling: Rejuvenates exhausted muscles and helps to alleviate general discomfort associated with post labor equines.

Generally sensitive mares and broodmares in season: Relaxes tense or cramped muscles and improves overall disposition of “moody” mares. 

Post chiropractic work:  Massage can help hold the adjustments longer, which can result in fewer chiropractic issues.